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a bug, birds, trees and the jazz in july

4 July 1988
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Some call me Cass, some call my Yuwen, some call me names, you can take your pick.

I've been a journalist-in-training for three years now, and if I correct your English, I'm sorry it's an occupational hazard. I have an undying love for the performing arts, having myself dabbled in theatre and dance but am now relegated to being an Arts & Culture journalist.

If you are into personality tests, then I'm a Dynamic Thinker, whatever that means really. If it ain't your thing, I'm really just any ordinary student trying to graduate in one piece.

My interests are wide and varied, but some of them include: Arashi, Ooishi Mitsuki, Inoue Mao, Aoi Yu, bento-making, ladybirds, design, photography, films (big fan of Hitchcock) and languages, to name a few.

I've been attending my present church since 2005 and am glad that the Lord Jesus is preeminent in my life because He alone gives me strength and everlasting joy to defeat this very bleak world.

If you are terribly interested still, you can visit my very absolutely outdated portfolio.